Several adults play water polo in a pool Several adults play water polo in a pool

Water Polo at the Y

Enjoy being involved in a team sport with the highly physical and fun sport of water polo. The West Suburban YMCA offers water polo at the Church St Y for all ages. Adult water polo games are free for members 18 and up. Youth Water Polo programs are offered to teach the fundamentals of the game. See below for details.

Youth Water Polo

This class is designed for swimming proficient boys and girls to learn the fundamentals of water polo, including passing the ball, shooting, and most of all, teamwork. Participants must be YMCA in Stage 5 swim lesson or completed stage 5 or higher to participate in water polo.

Water Polo Play for Adults

Water Polo is in the Big Pool at the Church St Y from 8 pm - 8:50 pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Water Polo is free for WSYMCA members. If a non-member would like to “drop in”, they are welcome to pay the guest fee for the day. If you are new to water polo and interested in playing, please email Kelly Barker at prior to coming in. Water Polo players must be 18 years of age or older in order to participate.


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Kelly Barker

Director of Association Aquatics