A woman practices her swim stroke in an indoor pool A woman practices her swim stroke in an indoor pool

At the West Suburban YMCA, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive competitive swimming programs tailored to individuals of all ages and skill levels. Our Blue Waves Swim Team offers a structured environment for swimmers to hone their skills and compete at various levels. For youth looking to dip their toes into competitive swimming, our Intro to Competitive Recreational Team provides a supportive introduction to the sport. Additionally, adults can join our Masters Swim Team, where experienced coaches help swimmers refine their technique and achieve their personal best. No matter your age or ability, there's a swimming program at the West Suburban YMCA to suit your needs and aspirations.

Blue Waves

The Blue Waves Swim Team is a nationally ranked swim team that participates in a fall/winter short course season and a spring/summer long course season. Ages 6-17.

Intro to Competitive

Looking for a swim team environment, but need to develop stronger skills and build endurance? Our Intro to Competitive program is the perfect introduction to competitive swimming. Ages 8-14.

Masters Swim Team

Our Masters' Swim Team is ideal for adult swimmers who are looking to improve their stroke technique, train for a triathlon, or former competitive swimmers who wish to compete again. Ages 18+.

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Kelly Barker

Director of Association Aquatics