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Searching for a spot to join a pick-up game or simply shoot some hoops? Look no further than the West Suburban YMCA! At the Wells Ave Y location, we offer four indoor full basketball courts, while the Church St location features one full indoor court and an outdoor basketball hoop, ensuring your court needs are met regardless of the weather. Enjoy open gym for basketball daily at both locations, with league play usually available during the winter season. Our 3v3 Basketball league play at the Y provides the ideal opportunity to stay engaged in the game and have a blast while doing so.

Basketball Open Play info

Basketball open play gym hours are free for WSYMCA members. Non-members must pay the guest pass fee ($15 or $20). Please note that we have set basketball open play gym hours. Any basketball to be played at other times will be at the sole discretion of the Director of Athletics or the gym monitor on duty. Please check in with them. Thank you.

Gymnasium Schedules

Youth Basketball

Adult Basketball League

Stay tuned for next season's details! Contact Josh Downes, Association Athletic Director, with interest.

Basketball Open Gym Rules

Everyone must display good sportsmanship. This includes but is not limited to, unsportsmanlike conduct, profanity, “trash-talking”, equipment misuse or the destruction of YMCA equipment. Any violation of these rules or directives by YMCA staff and facility monitors may result in suspension or loss of membership or gym privileges. 

Any physical or verbal abuse to any staff member or participant may result in loss of membership or suspension of gym privileges. 

Non-marking athletic shoes must be worn at all times. No boots, dark soled, or outside shoes allowed. 

Do not lean pull or sit against the curtain divider. 

Please do not bounce balls in facility halls, weight room, or lobby. 

Please walk along the sides of the gym while programs are in progress. 

Cones and other training equipment should NEVER be set up to claim a court or exclude other members during open gym hours. 

Full or cross-court games are not permitted during open gym hours while other open gym participants are waiting to play. Half court pick-up games only.

Hanging on the basketball rims is not allowed. 

No Food or Drinks (except water) are permitted in the gymnasium. 

Gym users agree to leave the premises in as good or better condition than which existed prior to their usage. All trash must be disposed of properly. There are trash bins on every single court. 

The Y is not responsible for any lost or stolen Items. Please use personal lockers or the locker room to store belongings and keep belongings in eyesight at all times. 

Report all injuries to a YMCA staff member immediately. 

Gym users, 11-year-old and younger, must be accompanied by an adult. 

Please refer above for the most up-to-date open gym hours.


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Paige Willis

Assistant Director of Sports and Recreation- Church St
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Joshua Downes

Director of Association Athletics