We understand that circumstances change, and you might want to change your membership status. We currently offer three ways to pause your membership for a limited or extended time period. 

In all of these cases, we hope you will consider either a one-time or ongoing donation as part of your status change. Charitable gifts help us deliver on our mission, serve the most vulnerable members of our community, and sustain operations during these financially challenging times. Today, donations are more essential than ever to the Y’s ongoing sustainability.

Access My Account

Our membership system will allow you to search easily for programs, manage your WSYMCA account, make payments and manage payment methods.

Become a Sustaining Member

If you do not anticipate returning to the Y for an extended time, but still want to support our community, you can become a sustaining member by converting your dues to a donation. When you are ready to return, we’ll re-activate your dues and the associated benefits.

Freeze Your Membership

Members are permitted to freeze their membership for up to 4 months within a calendar year.

Membership Cancellation

Members can cancel their membership, and there is no cancellation fee. If you'd prefer to freeze your membership for up to four months, please fill out the Freeze Request Form.