At the Church St Y, you'll find two pools: the Big Pool and the Small Pool. Meanwhile, at Wells Ave Y, there's an indoor 4-lane, 25-yard lap pool. Dive into a range of aquatic activities, including lap swimming, family swim, swim lessons for all ages, water aerobics classes, and more. Be sure to review our safety guidelines, pool usage tips, and information on our swimmer testing procedures, all designed to ensure the safety and enjoyment of everyone. Please see our Association Aquatics Schedule for a printable monthly schedule of lap swimming, adult rec swim, and water polo, and the Google calendar below for the Family Swim schedule.

If you're not yet a member but interested in swimming at the Y, please visit our Become a Member page for further details. 

Association Aquatics Schedule

July Schedule updated 7.16

Association Family Swim Schedule

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Swim Definitions 

Adult Lap Swim (ages 16+): Swimmers must swim laps in the pool. Kickboards and pull buoys are available for use. Swimmers will be required to share lanes or circle swim during peak times. See Pool Etiquette, below.

Adult Rec Swim (ages 16+): Swimmers can do water exercises (e.g., aqua jogging, water aerobics, use barbells and noodles). This is typically not lap swimming.

Family Swim (all ages*): Playtime for everyone in the pool. Noodles, barbells, toys, and bubble belts are available for use. Swimmers may be in the deep end if they pass the Deep End Swim Test (see Test, Mark, Protect, below). *Children under 7 must be one-on-one with an adult (age 16+) within arm's reach of accompanying adult. Any non-swimmer regardless of age will always require one parent/guardian (age 16+) in the water.

  • All participants that attend Family Swim must be current and active WSYMCA members. Exceptions: youth under the age of 7.

Youth Lap (ages 7-16): This is a lap lane in the Big Pool designated to youth and teens interested in swimming laps. This is not a free playtime. Swimmers MUST be competent swimmers (YMCA Swim Lessons Stage 5 or higher).


ALL swimmers will be given a swim check to see where in the pool they are safe to swim, we mark them by giving them a swim necklace to indicate where they are safe to swim, and we protect them by giving them flotation if they need it and keeping them in the appropriate part of the pool. 

Any swimmer who is NOT able to swim on their own, and/or needs flotation must be accompanied in the water by an adult and will be given a red and white necklace for their swim time. All non-swimmers must remain in the shallow end and within arm’s reach of their accompanying adult. 

Any swimmer who can swim the width of the small pool, in a comfortable, confident and consistent stroke will be given a red swim necklace. All swimmers who can swim the width must stay in the shallow end. If the swimmer is 7 years of age or younger, they must be accompanied in the water by an adult. 

Any swimmer who can swim the length of the small pool, in a comfortable, confident and consistent stroke will be given a yellow swim necklace and able to swim anywhere in the small pool. 

Swim necklaces must be worn in the pool at all times. Swimmers will receive the necklace from the lifeguard and will return the necklace to the lifeguard after they are done swimming.

Life jackets are available for any non-swimmers.

Pool safety for everyone is our first priority. Any swimmer who refuses to follow the Pool Rules and causes safety concerns will be asked to leave the pool area. 

  • Please do not enter pool area without a Lifeguard on Duty. 
  • 3 Whistle blasts = Please Evacuate the pool. There is an Emergency. 
  • Any non-swimmer and swimmers under the age of 7, MUST be one-on-one with an adult. 
  • Non-swimmers MUST remain in the shallow end of the pool. 
  • Swimmers may use YMCA approved bubbles or a US Coast Guard approved life jacket. 
  • In order to use the Deep End, you must be free of flotation devices, and pass the Deep End Test. 
  • Absolutely NO: 
    • Running 
    • Horseplay 
    • Diving 
    • Eating or Glass on deck 
    • Gum Chewing 
    • Hanging on Lane Lines 
    • Band-Aids or Bandages 
    • Shoes (please use shoe covers) 
  • All swimmers MUST shower prior to entering the pool. (Per Board of Health) 
  • Must wear proper swim attire.
  • Outside pool toys or equipment cannot be brought in. Kick boards, pull buoys and aqua jogging belts are available for member use.
  • Weights and equipment from the fitness center cannot be brought in to the pool area. 

Rules and requests made by Lifeguard must always be followed. They are trained and here to protect you.

  • Please LOOK before you jump. When jumping, jump in feet first and forward facing. No diving, twisting, or flips allowed. 
  • Use of pool equipment and toys is at the discretion of the lifeguard. 
  • Alert swimmers when entering lane. 
  • When two swimmers share a lane-one stays on the right, the other-stays to the left. 
  • When three or more swimmers share a lane, you circle swim. When circle swimming, stay on the right side of the lane, counterclockwise.
  • Survey the speed of the swimmers in each lane and then enter the appropriate lane for your swimming ability. 
  • If the swimmer behind you taps your foot, please let that swimmer pass you at the end of the length. 
  • Recreational swim is for Non-Lap Swimmers. If there is space available in the recreational area, the Lifeguard may allow space for a lap swimmer overflow.

  • Cleaning and Disinfecting: A disinfectant spray bottle is available at all benches in the Big Pool. We ask swimmers to please spray down their bench area after they are done with their reservation to help expedite turnover time. 
  • Pool Deck Shower: A shower has been installed right on the pool deck at Wells Ave and at the Big Pool at Church St, allowing members to quickly rinse off before and after their swim. 
  • Locker Rooms: Group locker rooms are available for changing, showering, and storing items. Please observe all signage and adhere to the Locker Room Code of Conduct. Church St also has private changing rooms A-E available for use. 
  • Training Equipment: Kick boards, pull buoys and aqua jogging belts are available for member use. 
  • Personal Items: Benches will be available in the pool area to place your belongings. We ask that you please try to keep all personal belongings in one bag and place it on the bench. Lockers rooms are also available if you'd like to bring a lock and put your things in a secure area. 
  • What to Bring: Please bring a water bottle and a towel.

Water Polo

Available for youth and adults.

Swim Lessons

Available for all ages.

Water Safety Resources

Safety for everyone is our first priority.

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