Teen Night: A Fun-Filled Night

@ the Church St Y Teen Center
teens hanging out at teen center playing video games, watching sports, and smiling
May 13, 2024

Last Friday May 10, the West Suburban YMCA hosted an exciting Teen Night that brought together over 30 enthusiastic teenagers for an evening of sports, gaming, crafts, and good food. 

Teens gathered to watch the Bruins playoff game and NBA matches on the big screen. Cheers along with some suspense filled the room as some fans enjoyed the Bruins game. In the gaming corner, PlayStation consoles provided endless entertainment as teens battled it out in their favorite games. Laughter and competitive spirit flowed freely as friendships were made.

Of course, no gathering is complete without food, and dinner did not disappoint. Pizza, popcorn and snacks fueled the fun, ensuring that everyone had the energy to keep the good times rolling. 

Beyond the activities, Teen Night at the West Suburban YMCA provided a valuable opportunity for teens to socialize, relax, and unwind in a safe and supportive environment. As the night came to a close, smiles were exchanged, signaling the success of another memorable Teen Night at the YMCA. With each event, the YMCA continues to be a place where teens can come together, have fun, and build lasting connections.